Karanvir and Surbhi have worked together in a zee TV serial, ‘Kubool Hai’. They have been great friends since then. Once reporters asked Karanvir about his co-actress Surbhi and about her life secrets the audience is not aware of. Over this he said, “Surbhi loves sleeping! Given a chance, she wouldn’t mind sleeping for 14-16 hours a day at a stretch. He also said that when she makes up friends, she keeps them very close to her life.”

Talking about his own life he said, “People think I have a lot of attitude, ego and that I’m always angry. But I’m the complete opposite. I’m a funny, silly guy! Quite carefree about the way I approach life.”


Both the actors confessed that they loved working with each other, as both are fun loving and love to play around at the sets. They even shared a few of their fun moments with the press.

“For the first scene with Surbhi during the shoot of Qubool Hai, I had to wear glasses and I’m very particular about anything that is part of my look — whether its glasses, a shirt or my hair. So she comes up to me and tells me ‘the way you’re wearing your glasses is very un-stylish. Why don’t you wear it in a better way?’ Imagine it’s the first day of shoot and she says something like this to me! And I’m like ‘Excuse me?’ So yeah, that is a funny incident I still remember. And we both laugh every time we are reminded of it.” He said.

Even when Surbhi was asked about her funny moment at the set, she said, “We have a lot of fun on the sets. There have been many such instances where KV and I just would start laughing over something trivial and couldn’t stop. The situation goes to the extent that the production people need to wait for us to return to normalcy so that they can resume the shoot. The director actually gets mad at us, but he finally surrenders to the fact that we will take our time to laugh and asks us to get it out of our system. The more we laugh, the more upset the directors gets! We’re crazy on the sets.”