Lucknow Central which is produced by Nikhil Advani is the debut film of his assistant Ranjit Tiwari, who is the director of the film.


Kriti said in an interview, “I have met him (Farhan) on formal occasions as he is busy with ‘Rock on 2’. Whatever I have seen of him on and off screen, he has a great sense of humor.”


She also added, “He seems to be a nice person. I don’t think it will be difficult to gel with him. When you work with different actors you react differently. I am excited about it (working with Farhan) and you learn a lot.”


Rumors have it that, “Lucknow Central” is the story about a few jail mates, who make a band in the jail to revive their zeal for music.

Farhan would be playing the role of a prisoner and Kriti would play the role of NGO worker who would help out the prisoners.


While hiding the details about the movie and her look in it, she said, “Lucknow Central” is a unique script. I was sold out on the basis of the script. I play an NGO worker.”

According to the rising star of Bollywood, the shoot of the said project will start from November onwards. We wish her best of luck for this project and all future endeavors!