Sohail Khan talks about Amy Jackson


Sohail Khan’s Freaky Ali team currently busy in the promotion of the film. But Indo-British Model and Actress Amy Jackson, the leading actress of the film declined to be seen on Comedy Night Bachao.

Pic Credit: media2.intoday
Pic Credit: media2.intoday 

Sohail is the director of the film Freaky Ali, revealed why Amy was not want to go to on the Comedy Night Bachao for the promotion of the film. He said, “Well…it is true. Wonderful girl that Amy is, she does have a problem with the kind of humour Krushna Abhishek subjects his guests to on Comedy Night Bachao. Also, her Hindi is not up to the mark.”

He also added with a laugh, “Amy managed okay with Kapil Sharma. But Krushna was way beyond her capacity. Besides she was shooting in Chennai for the sequel to Robot. We exempted her from the ordeal of being on Comedy Night Bachao.”

The actor said that he was the only person in the whole team who just wanted to go to in the show. Sohail told media, “Actually, I was the first to agree to be the guest on Comedy Nights Bachao. That’s because my association with Krushna Abhishek goes back to a long time. I couldn’t say no to him. Once I came on Comedy Night Bachao, the floodgates were opened.”

He said on casting himself in Freaky Ali, “I couldn’t do two things at the same time. Either I direct, or I face the camera.”

Freaky Ali is ready to release on cinemas on September 9, 2016.