Harrdy Sandhu is a very famous singer of the recent generation. He has given a lot of hit songs to the youngsters.

In an interview, one of the reporters asked him his opinion over the AIB controversy. Over this Harrdy said, “Actually Maine abhi tak wo video dekha hi nai hai.. Mujhe kisi ne bataya tha ki kuch hai but jab tak maine Youtube me check kiya to waha se Delete hochuka tha…”


And he also said that if he will get to watch it,  he definitely will. As he would want to know what all exactly the issue is about.

The reporter then explained him that the actors in the video have used very abusive and vulgar language. Though it’s been said that all this is for charity. Now I would like to know if you will agree to use Abusive terms over Television just for the sake of earning for charity. Over this he said, “no! Absolutely not!”