Mira Rajput Is An Amazing Cook : Shahid !!


Shahid Kapoor has never denied that he is a changed man since his marriage to Mira Rajput. The couple is now proud parents to their newborn baby girl, Misha.

Recently, on the sets of the talk show Vogue BFFs, Shahid Kapoor and his BFF, Kunal Rawal was present. When host Kamal Sidhu asked Sasha who was more likely to cook for their friends, the actor laughed and said, “I’m not a good cook! I can make tea, I can make parathas! My wife is an amazing cook! She is awesome. I used to have jail food in my house earlier, I used to only have diet food which was really not tasty, no oil, no salt and no taste! Nobody ever used to like to eat when they used to come home. They’d always probably just eat before getting home, or run to a café right after or carry their own food! Nobody ever liked to eat at my place.”