Ranveer Singh : I Am Besharam, Nudity Means Nothing To Me!



Ranveer Singh opens up about wearing red underwear in Befikre and whether it was padded or not. He has opened about THAT red lingerie scene in Befikre. And no, he didn’t feel shy while doing it.

Ranveer Singh is one man who has absolutely no inhibitions when cameras around him begin rolling. The actor who has stripped all the way down to his undergarment in Befikre instructed us that he had absolutely no problems in pulling off the scene as physical nudity for him is no giant deal.

Ranveer stated, “i feel i’m very relaxed in my own physique. i am very besharam that manner. To be trustworthy, for me physical nudity means nothing. For me as an actor, i am letting you into a way more intimate part of me. When i’m going out on display and emoting, i am really feeling it in that moment and i’m letting you into my soul basically. So i can’t be extra bare than that. So physical nudity for me doesn’t evaluate. i have put much more display that is much more intimate.”