Ranveer Singh’s HOT LOOKS in song Ude Dil Befikre


Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor Befikre trailer, which becomes a talk of the town majorly over Ranveer and Vaani’s hot chemistry. The two stars have killed it with their sizzling chemistry in the trailer and the recent son “Nashe Si Chad Gayi” and we wonder what more the film has in the store for the audience. But wait until you check out Ranveer. Few seconds into the song and trust me you will be blown away by his sexiness. We wouldn’t be surprised if you get hooked to this song the minute you watch Ranveer.

While you are waiting to catch the song, we reveal some crazy things about the song that will leave you excited. Firstly, Ranveer Singh will be seen in the song, as he is in the real life, totally fun-filled and crazy. Not just that, Ranveer Singh will be slapped 21 times in the song. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? The actor will not be slapped by his co-star Vaani Kapoor but by the strangers in the song.vkrs capture

maxresdefaultranveer-singh-and-vaani-kapoor-kiss-around-the-city-and-their-sizzling-chemistry-is-hard-to-ignore-201610-812476 ranveer-singh-and-vaani-kapoor-lock-lips-on-screen-in-the-hottest-way-possible-201610-812477 befikre-trailer-seems-to-be-a-kissathon-between-ranveer-singh-and-vaani-kapoor-201610-812475