Shah Rukh Khan Gets Less Choices Due To His ‘Super Star Status’!


“Stardom hasn’t restricted me but it is sometimes awkward to say that being in this position, the choices are fewer,” Shah Rukh said at the launch of his biography, SRK: 25 Years Of a Life, here last night.

Srk says that directors don’t offer him many roles due to his superstar status which compels them to think that he won’t do these roles as this not according to his status.well now have a look at what he says further to this thing.

“I sit with different directors and they say, ‘We will make a big film!’ so, even before I start working, the film becomes big and I say, ‘Let’s just make a film!’ and it goes out of hands sometimes and everybody wants the film to be big,” he said.

“It is a good excuse to make. If not an excuse, then a good reason because people say that stardom takes things out of you as an actor, and yes somewhere it happens that when you become a star you have little issues (about) Rs 100 crore, 200 crores.

Pic Credit: manoramaonline
Pic Credit: manoramaonline

“But I would still like to believe that whenever I have got an opportunity, like a Fan or a Chak De! India, I have never questioned it. I have never designed a film for myself.

Limitations also come from the people who you work with.”

The actor said that people prefer making an out-and-out commercial film with him and though he does not blame them, he does feel this approach puts limitations on him.

“A lot of people will offer me a film saying, ‘Why should we make an off-beat film with you, let’s make a commercial movie.’ I am not blaming them; it is a good thought because if I sell, then selling me is but natural.

“I can’t be two-faced about it because even I sell many things. It’s a business finally. Having said that, I have tried to maintain some kind of balance. Earlier, I had nothing to lose, so, I did a lot of things and didn’t question them but now maybe I don’t, but people around me a question, ‘Will this work? Should you do another love story?’ I don’t listen to them,” he said.