Bollywood might appear a very glamorous field, but it also holds a darker side and this dark side is made up with various stories of casting couch. Directors , producers and Filmmakers offering jobs to actresses and actors in return of some sexual favour and the industry holds a maximum number of such narrations.

Here are few such casting couch stories which shocked the Bollywood :

Subhash Ghai and Rina Golan


The Israeli Model Rina Golan accused Subhash Ghai for indecent behaviour. In her book, ‘Dear Mr Bollywood: How I Fell In Love With India’, Rina has revealed that Subhash Ghai once tried to take her to the bedroom during her struggling days. “I want you to trust me and surrender to me completely. I will take you around with me everywhere and you will see how your life will change,” is what Rina has quoted in her book with reference to Subhash Ghai.

Mamta Kulkarni


Mamta Kulkarni was indeed a gutsy actress who then accused director Rajkumar Santoshi of indecent behaviour. It was during the shooting of her film ‘China Gate’ in 1998 that she caught limelight with these allegations that she charged against the director. She claimed that the director wanted to get fresh with her but, she rejected his proposal.

Raja Mukerji


Raja Mukerji was arrested when Pooja Mishra filed a case against him for molesting her. Pooja had apparently paid a visit to Raja to discuss a film for which she wanted to cast Rani Mukerjee and that’s when Raja tried to molest her in the car.

Sunny Leone


A film producer wanted to spend some cosy time with Sunny Leone but, the lady didn’t agree to do so and hence, the producer approached Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber to convince Sunny to spend a night with him. Sunny and her husband made it very clear to the producer that his wish is never going to come true.

Preeti Jain -Madhur Bhandarkar


Madhur Bhandarkar was mired in a legal case filed by an actress Preeti Jain. Reports suggest that in the year 2004, Preeti Jain filed a case against the director and claimed that Mr Bhandarkar raped her several times on the pretext of casting her in one of his films.