Bollywood Celebrities Who Turned From Riches To Rags!


Celebrities are one of the most followed celebrities on all the social media platforms. They spend their lives in luxury and extravagance keeping in mind their fame and fans. However, some of them somehow do not manage to keep up their wealth and tend to lose all what they have earned. Such celebrities turn from riches to rags within no time. Check out celebrities who turned from riches to rags!


Mitali Sharmamitali-sharma_1461669830

Here is an aspiring actress becoming the victim of fate. The Mumbai police have caught a 25-year-old girl while she was trying to break a car window. She turned out to be actress Mitali Sharma, a resident of Delhi, who ran away from her home to make it big in glamour industry by becoming an actress. After acting in a lesser known Bhojpuri film, Mitali’s career did not take off. Her parents also abandoned her as she pursued acting against their wish.She went into depression and in order to survive, Mitali turned a beggar and she also resorted to stealing. Mitali was found roaming on the streets of Mumbai. When police tried to take her into custody, Mitali assaulted two lady cops. Mitali has been admitted to a mental rehab centre.