Bollywood actors, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut, will be seen sharing screen space for the first time in “Rangoon.” But, the buzz is that all is not well between the stars and the duo is not on talking terms as well.


Says a source from the core crew, “They give their shots like two strangers and move away into their vans.”A very reliable source from the unit has shed more light on how matters came to be this strained between Shahid and Kangana.



 “It started with mild arguments on the sets on how to interpret a shot, where to stand, how to deliver a line, etc.,” says the source adding, “As shooting progressed, it blew up into a huge war of words between the two. By the time the shoot was wrapped up, they were not even looking at each other until the camera started rolling.”


So what exactly was the problem between the two? The source adds, “Both Shahid and Kangana feel that they are qualified to be directors. They showered Vishal with suggestions while Saif Ali Khan, who plays the third protagonist in Rangoon, kept quiet. Matters got so strained that one would want to do a scene in a different way just because the other said it should be done in a particular way. Going by the way the two behaved with each other, it is unlikely they’ll ever work together again.”