You will see Shivangi coming out of the honey cliff in the form of a naag and breathes fire at Yamini and Shesha. Yamini starts weeping in a fake manner when Avantika regains consciousness and comes out. She says only she knows how she can die. Yamini asks her how she will die but she doesn’t tell them. Rudra listens to this. They try to find the naag but all they can find is his blood. They take his blood and ask Kapalika to find out who he is Kapalika couldn’t see his face clearly as she sees Rudra’s bearded face and he is unrecognizable.


Kapalika gives Garuda Kavach to all to protect them from the Icchadhari Naag and Naagin. Vikram gets in the swimming pool when Shivangi goes to kill him but fails due to the kavach. She tells this to Rudra and thereafter they go to Guruji to find out a way. He tells him about the Garuda Kavach and that Shesha and Avantika don’t need any protection. Shivangi turns into Avantika and asks Vikram to show her the kavach. When the kavach falls down, Shivangi replaces it with a fake one.

After that Shivangi sees that Vikram is going somewhere alone and goes to kill him but Yamini calls her. She says she’ll just come after fixing her saree. Rudra then turns into Shivangi and goes to Karvachauth party as Shivangi. She then succeeds in killing Vikram.