Harak asks Harman (Vivian Dsena) if he should sell the factory. He reminds him that he had said that factory will not be sold. Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) comes. Preeto asks her to sit and have food. She takes food in her plate and turns around towards her room. Harman stops her and asks her to sit and with everyone. Preeto also asks her to sit. Soumya says she is thankful to them for letting her stay in their house and she knows her limits. Harman asks her to come and sit else he will make her sit forcefully. She says she can’t. He interrupts her and asks her to forget the differences between their and her world. He holds her hand and drags her towards the dinner table.


As soon as Soumya sits, Harak gets up. Soumya goes inside coughing. Harman says from now onwards everyone’s dinner should be sent to their respective bedrooms.

Soumya cries in her room and thinks that she should distance herself from Harman so that he can start a new life. Harman knocks on the door. She hides her chapatis, puts a bite in her mouth and goes and opens the door. She says she was having food. He gets inside and starts looking for the rotis. He finds it and asks her to eat it. She says she is not hungry. He says he will not leave until she eats. She starts eating.

Maninder stops Surbhi from going to Harak Singh’s house. She says she is not afraid of them and leaves. Harak asks Preeto if she has a plan. She says we don’t have to do anything. They hear Soumya’s voice and come out.

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