Surbhi and Abhishek ask Soumya what gift was she talking about. Varun asks Maninder how is Abhishek better than him. Maninder joins his hands and asks him to stay quiet. Varun leaves. Soumya sees Abhishek and Surbhi talking affectionately. Abhishek recites a poem for Surbhi as her birthday gift. Nani notices Soumya’s frowned face and asks her if she is hiding something. She says she isn’t hiding anything. Soumya receives Harman’s call where he insists on leaving. They go out to drop her. Surbhi accompanies Soumya.

Preeto walks down to Harman’s room to see if he is fine. In the car, Soumya recalls Abhishek’s words and gets worried thinking about Preeto. She gets worried not to find him in the bedroom. She goes to look for him in Soumya’s room. She gets surprised to see him painting. She tells him that he has changed a lot, he used to hate it when he was young and leaves. Harman continues painting. He keeps the painting on Soumya’s bed and leaves. Soumya returns back and finds Harman sleeping. He asks Surbhi about her party. She tells it was good. He says he is feeling sleepy and asks Soumya to go to her room and sleep. He pretends to sleep so that she goes and checks the painting.

Preeto wakes up Raavi and tells her she wants her to do something for her. Raavi comes to Soumya’s room and asks her to stay at the haveli tonight. Soumya feels guilty for being selfish and just thinking her self. She decides not to separate Abhishek and Surbhi.