I wasn’t comfortable traveling because of security concerns : Eoin Morgan

Pic source : mirror.co

Eoin Morgan seems to have the ‘All clear’ to make his mode back into the England side, After his notorious miss in the Bangladesh series. Morgan, who was the skipper of England in the ODI  format will be likely to reprise his role as the captain of the side. Alex Hales will Joining him and HE who was not a part of the side in the Test series.

In a Conversations with Hindustan Times, Morgan has confirmed that the reality that he missed the Bangladesh series doesn’t bother him. Morgan said, “I wasn’t comfortable traveling because of security concerns and I weighed up the question ‘would I be able to perform as a captain and as a player given the security concerns in Bangladesh?”

“I’m still comfortable with it. It is something I considered before confirming my decision to the ECB. I tried to imagine all the different circumstances and didn’t feel comfortable enough in my mind to go and be able to perform.

He also went on to include that he did certainly have a great pact of support while making his decision and said, “I have had a great deal of support, everyone who I trust in a tight-knit circle has supported me, everyone within the game that I trust has supported me, players ex and current who I lean on for big decisions. It’s been really good, it was a difficult decision to make and I don’t think a lot of people would have made it but I am certainly happy with the decision that I have made.”

Morgan as well went on to speak of the earlier time he made his way to the subcontinent.  “I think one thing that had changed from 2010 in India was that other teams had traveled there and security had increased, also since then there had been no terrorist attacks or sightings or threats in regard to either a tournament or a national team,” he also said. “I think going to Bangladesh and being the first western team to travel there since the terrorist attack and the fact that Australia had pulled out even before the terrorist attack happened, was another reason.”