In the episode of 15th December you will see: Maninder gives a gun to Surbhi and asks her to kill him. Harak Singh asks Harman (Vivian Dsena) to come down. Harak gives the partition papers to him and asks him to read them properly. Soumya prays to God to somehow stop this. She goes to Preeto’s room and requests her to stop the partition. She says she is ready to do anything she wants to stop the partition. Preeto recalls Surbhi’s words. Preeto gets a call from Maninder. He tells her all the villagers are associating Surbhi’s name with her son. Preeto quietly leaves the room.

Harman gives back the papers to Harak Singh. Harak takes a pen to sign the papers but Preeto stops him. She takes the papers in her hand and tears them. Harak gets angry and asks her what is she doing. She tells her there will not be any partition as everything is already Harman’s as he is their only son. She announces that now onwards everyone will do as Harman wants, no one will interfere between Harman and Soumya.

On the other hand, Surbhi meets Abhishek at a restaurant. She tells him that she is ready to marry him now. She says she wants to do this for his father. He asks her if she likes him or not. She tells him that she is very happy with this marriage. He assures her that he will convince his parents.

Preeto enters Soumya’s room and asks her to do a deal. She tells her that she will let her stay in her house if she gets Harman married to Surbhi. Soumya gets shocked.