In a word association game, when the word arrogant came at an event in Delhi, Sanjay Dutt said: Salman Khan.

Sanjay used to call salman Khan his little brother and now this phase has come.

Now according to a source, the truth about why Dutt said that comes out, “None of Sanju’s films are taking off. He announced three films but none have happened although he is in the best shape today and raring to go.

He also owns a production house so he approached Salman to act in his home production, thinking his buddy would give the green signal. But Salman’s date diary is choc-a-bloc with his film, brand and Being Human commitments and he had to turn down Dutt.

But he didn’t know how to refuse a friend so he asked his team to do it. Naturally, Sanju did not take this too well.”