The show begins with Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) looking at the decorated room for Harman’s (Vivian Dsena)  suhaag raat with Surbhi (Roshni Sahota). She does up the room and remembers her romantic moments with him. She recollects him calling her Gulabo. Soumya says Harman I want to you hug you and say thank you. She thanks Mummyji. Surbhi walks in and says I thank mom for giving me the world’s best sister. Soumya tells Surbhi to sit inside and says Mata Rani’s blessings are on you. She tells her not to cry. Soumya tells Surbhi to keep water in the room as Harman feels thirsty at night. She makes Surbhi sit on the bed and leaves the room. The sisters hug.

Maninder (Ayub Khan) says I do not refute the fact that I am the father of a kinner. He says please do not make Surbhi suffer because of her. Bebe says Soumya’s marriage with Harman was a mistake and we do not care how you treat her. She begs Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) and Harak (Sudesh Berry) to keep Surbhi happy. Harak Singh tells them not to worry and they’ll keep Surbhi very happy at their home. Nani is leaving but Soumya asks her to stay back. She says now you two sisters are joined in a new bond. She tells Soumya to look after Surbhi in her married life. She tells her not to breed any misunderstanding between them. Bebe tells Soumya not to harass Surbhi. Maninder tells the women not to create a ruckus at Harman’s home.

At night, Preeto congratulates Soumya that her deal is finalized. She says you got your sister married and no one will tell you to leave this place. She says I want Harman to have a better life. Preeto tells her to make herself non-existent in the household so that she becomes totally insignificant for Harman. She goes to her room and finds Harman there. She says you should not here. He taunts her for getting him married to Surbhi. He says you became mahaan before everyone torturing us. She tells him to go to his house. He says I will not go, I will stay here only. She says it is your suhaag-raat. He says I am not celebrating my suhaag-raat and tells her not to do drama. Soumya says you’re upset with me, please do not make my sister suffer. They remember their times spent together. She recollects their love confession.

Preeto tells Harak to keep the lights on in the room. Harak says what is wrong. He asks are you drunk? She says after so many days the darkness of this house has dispelled. Preeto says I want to feel the happiness that will come into this home. Harak says do you remember when we were so happy before? They say when Harman was born at this place. Harman makes his bed on the sofa and Surbhi looks on dejectedly. He goes off to sleep. Surbhi brings a blanket to sleep on the bed but Harman tells her to stop. He says you cannot sleep on the bed, it is my Gulabo’s place and no one can take it. Surbhi sleeps on the floor and Harman says that is your rightful place. Soumya remembers Preeto’s words to give up her importance at home. Surbhi recollects how their mom told them to be together always.