The Indian Beauty Deepika Padukone feels both excited and nervous while being proud that she is representing the country abroad. The actress will be seen in the third partof the ‘xXx’ franchise, scheduled to release on January 14. When asked her feelings before she left Mumbai last night, Deepika told reporters, “I am very excited. This is my Hollywood debut. I am very, very nervous, but also excited. Today is the beginning of that journey. Hopefully we will be coming to India soon.”

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“I feel very proud that I get to represent my country especially in this kind of an action franchise film. “I am sure this film will be enjoyed a lot because of the content. There is lot of action, adventure, which we have not seen in Indian films before. So, I am excited to show the film here”, she added.

“While I was shooting I suggested the team that it would be great (to release it first in India) and I am happy it happened finally. It is a huge international franchise and I am
happy India is such a big part of the plan”, she shared her thoughts.

Recently she also posted on instagram #LiveLoveLaugh…….

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