Indo-Japan collaborative film project Love in Tokyo, a cross-culture romance, themed on relationship transcending linguistic barrier, will have an Indian male protagonist and a Japanese heroine.

“It is not a remake of the old film. It is a completely fresh take and we have just borrowed the title. The hero in the story is an Indian and the heroine is Japanese. The story is rooted in their respective cultures and the film would be shot mostly in Hindi with a bit of Japanese thrown in,” Imtiaz said.

“India and Japan have so much in common, same kind of society with traditional values, which is now embracing modernity. Even lot of our food is common, but what is not common is the language. “This film is about these two people, who have a wonderful communication, which is not bound by any language. The core of story is about relationship transcending the barrier imposed by language,” Imtiaz said.

Arif, who has also written the story, says the “film would marry the discipline and depth of Japanese filmmaking and storytelling with the colours and fun of Indian cinema. The film would also be an endless discovery of Japan, as a country.”
“We have already visited several places in Japan, where we wish to shoot, besides Tokyo. Our Shochiku partners have taken us to Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka, Wakayama. And, we truly wish to showcase endless Japan in the movie,” he told.