Farhat Khan, Om Puri‘s friend said that the Om wished to settle down in Jhalawar, Rajasthan after his retirement. Unfortunately, the wish will now remain unfulfilled. The actor had reportedly bought a two-storey house there back in 2012 and expressed his wish to settle there as it was quiet and peaceful.

“He had a strong liking for the city. That is why he wanted to spend old age here. I spoke to him recently and he told me he’d visit soon. But that was not meant to happen.”

Om Puri’s sudden demise due to a heart attack last week came as a shocking news to the country and film industry alike.

Annu Kapoor who, along with sister Seema Kapoor (Om Puri’s first wife) organised a prayer meet in the memory of late actor Om Puri at a Gurudwara said,”Many theories keep coming up. There are people who like spinning such theories. You all know in such high profile cases, our police is efficient in solving it. Woh sab masalaa saamne aa jaayega. Jo investigative agencies hain, woh apna kaam karegi aur sachhai saamne aa jaayegi. So for me to talk about it would not be right.”