Shivangi tells Rocky that she wants to perform Karva chauth pooja on him for his long life. Yamini asks Rocky not to make bahu wait and break her fast son after pooja. Shesha fumes in jealousy. Shivangi performs Rocky’s pooja and thinks she is his bride from the beginning, she will follow her patni dharm from hereon. She touches his feet. Yamini asks Rocky to bless his wife. Sesha sheds tears in jealousy. Cousin asks Rocky to feed water to bhabhi. Yamini taunts Sesha that tawa will be black always even if it burns or not. Sesha fumes more in jealousy. Yamini says she is talking about tawa and leaves. Rocky feeds Shivangi. Cousins ask Rocky to gift to bhabhi. Rocky stands silently. Shivangi says she brought gift for Rocky though and gives him om sign pendant

locket and says this is her favorite god’s locket and god will protect him.

Shivangi goes to her room and cries reminiscing her mother and thinks Rocky is not her mother’s murderer. She imagines Shivanya standing in front of her and she tells Shivanya that Rocky is not the murderer, he is the love she married to. Shivanya says love is unique and she should not lose it. She disappears. Rudra comes and asks if she forgot that human and snake cannot unite, if she unites with Rocky, she will lose all her powers and will become human, then how will she take her revenge. Shivangi says she will take revenge and even get her love. They both see 6th murderer and walk behind him to see his face.

Rocky sees Shivangi and Rudra together and follows them to know what they are up to. Rudra and Shivangi follow sixth murderer into a puzzle garden. Rocky also comes there and starts searching them. Shivangi and Rudra turn into snakes and follow sixth murderer. He turns and Kapalika comes there and throws black magic on Rudra and Shivangi. She says sixth murderer her can go. She then captures Rudra and Shivangi into a box and walks. Rocky sees her and thinks what is she doing here and follows her to her cave. Kapalika gets Rocky and Shivangi out of boxes and they turn into their human forms. Kapalika says she knew Shivangi is naagin, but her partners did not listen to her. Shivangi shouts she will kill her. Kapalika grips them in a spider web and laughs that she will kill them, but first she will show her truth to her partners. She walks. Rocky enters in, but does not see Rudra and Shivangi hanging far up.

Avantika calls her puppet bees and asks them to be with her and find out what Yamini and her puppets are planning. They turn into girls and walk with her into house. Rocky’s cousins get excited seeing them and introduce themselves. Their jokes start. Kapalika sees Yamini and says she needs to talk, asks where is her garud mani. Yamini says she forgot in her room and goes in. She then turns into Shivangi and Shivangi reminisces how Rocky saved her. Rocky steps on Kapalika’s black magic item and it breaks. He gets a call and leaves. Rudra and Shivangi fall down on earth. Shivangi tells her love Rocky saved her today. Rudra asks how will she fight Kapalika. Shivangi says she knows a solution. Out of flashback, she spits poison and turns it into rudra mani. She fumes that she will kill her mother’s another murderer. Real Yamini is seen doing her usual witty overacting and jokes with Anki 2. Kapalika sees her and thinks she told she will bring her rudra mani, but she is sitting here.

Shivangi tries to leave, but Rocky stops her and asks where she had been. She says she did not go anywhere. Rocky says he saw her with Rudra and he knows she wants to stay with Rudra, but does not want to divorce him also. She has to choose between Rudra and him if she wants to stay here. Yamini’s nephew gives her office file to sign. She searches Rocky, finds him with Shivangi, thinks they are romancing and acts as getting shy. Rocky leaves Shivangi. Yamini says he needs to sign on papers and takes him. Shivangi thanks god, turns back as Yamini and meets Kapalika. Kapalika tells her that she caught enemy naags and takes her to cave. She says her bahu is naagin. Yamini asks where is her bahu. Kapalika says she had gripped her and Rudra in a spider web, don’t know where they went. Yamini says she knows her bahu is naagin and turns into Shivangi. Rudra also comes. Kapalika is shocked and asks how did they escape. Rudra says their god saved them. Shivngi says now she will die for killing her mother Shivanya. She and Rudra turn into a half snake and half human and grip her in the air and throw her on the floor repeatedly. Shivangi then bites her and throws on the floor again. Kapalika dies.

Shivangi returns home. Rocky asks where was she. Shivangi says here itself. Yamini comes and asks him why is he pestering his bahu. Shivangi says she wants Rudra to wear her gifted locket. Yamini forces him to wear locket.

Yamini with Sesha goes to Kapalika’s cave and does not find her. Yamini says she called them here, then where did she go. Kapalika is seen dead behind a stone. Yamini says if she has caught naagin, they can get naagmani right there. Sesha says she has a plan and knows what to do.

Shivangi sees Rocky sleeping and sleeps behind him. He holds her hand and subconsciously requests not to leave him alone, he loves her a lot. Agar tum saath ho…song plays in the background.