The Naagin Season 2 episode further showcased that Rocky asked to Shivangi that he is happy that she doesn’t want to kill someone and regarding this Shivangi says she is in love and people who are in love they don’t want to kill someone.

Now Mahesh makes Sushant injured which makes Shivangi shocked and tensed. Shivangi manages to save Sushant by giving him Kada but on the time Mahesh asked her to give him back his horn unless he will be killed, Alia. Shivangi thinks that I have to save Naag Maani from Mahesh but for the sake of Naag Maani, I can’t risk innocent people’s life.

She makes a plan with Rudra that she will be killed Mahesh but for that time he have to be in the Raheja house being as Shivangi as this is her only way to save the Raheja family and Naag Maani. Somehow Rudra and Rocky encounter with each other and Rocky fight with Rudra.


He also suspects that Rudra is having extra marital affairs with Shivangi which irked him. Shivangi and Mahesh come to the Dusri Duniya where she manages to freeze Mahesh to death. Yamini now becomes buffalo but Avantika and Shesha take care of her to make her normal.

Yamini, Avantika and Shesha, on the other hand, tortures Shivangi’s mentor and asked him to reveal Mahesh’s horn whereabouts but the mentor stays stubborn. Sesha grips him in her tail and kills him. They then start searching horn and they find it near Shiv Ji’s idol.

Avantika picks it and they think they can have the Naag Maani by giving this horn. Avantika realized and she thinks to bring him back. Avantika gives horn to Yamini and asked her to take care of it.

Shivangi walks back home with a high fever due to she was near the freezer. Rocky is shocked to see that she turns to be cold and she is having a fever. Rocky gives her blanket and lets her sleep but she turns to be cold unable to manage.

Rocky think what he can do he can’t call Badi Maa as Shivangi is his wife and he needs to take care of her.

And Rocky think to sleep with her only in order to save her life she also thinks that Shivangi should forgive him what he is doing with her as he is solely doing this to save Shiavngi’s life and he removes her cloth as well he slept with Shivangi to give her his body temperature.