Priyanka Chopra made India proud as she turned heads as the global presenter at the Golden Globe Awards 2017. In the evening, she’s made her presence felt in the second theatrical trailer of Baywatch that has hit the screens.

We see her introduced as the antagonist to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac ‘Shirtless’ Efron in Baywatch’s Trailer #2 — “Victoria Leeds, new owner of the Huntleigh Club”.

Cue a whole lot of scenes from the first trailer, including one where Priyanka’s seen walking down the corridors of (presumably) said Huntleigh Club, swigging wine and generally giving the impression of being a serious badass. Oh and she gets to point a gun at the good guys too, while looking utterly gorgeous.

As for the rest, there’s more of The Rock and Efron playing true to the quintessential tough cop (or lifeguard in this case) and wacky partner trope that buddy comedies thrive on.

Watch Baywatch‘s Trailer #2 here