Foreign coaches and support staff have caused damage to Pakistan cricket: Javed Miandad


The former Pakistani coach and all-rounder Javed Miandad attributed that the Pakistan Cricket Board for the failure of the national team as they employ the foreign coaches.

The Pakistani great lashed out at the board as the PCB announced a two-day conference in Lahore in which g former captains and stalwarts will come to talk about and find results which are being faced by Pakistan cricket.

Javed told PTI, “No one has contacted me for this conference as yet I read about it in the newspapers in which my name also appeared as one of the invited players. But it makes no sense to have this conference with local players when the board is employing foreign coaches on heavy salaries.”

The former right-arm leg spinner, Javed further added, “These foreign coaches and support staff have caused damage to Pakistan cricket and brought it to this stage. So what is the purpose of now consulting local players.”

Miandad played 124 Tests and 233 ODIs for Pakistan, who felt that the conference would not make any sense when the board knows the best solution for Pakistan to appoint foreign coaches.

He added, “It is ironic that when the board itself feels foreign coaches are the best solution for Pakistan cricket than they want to call us to give suggestions.”

There are the three key players includes Imran Khan, Rashid Latif and Javed Miandad, who reject the Board’s request to be present at the conference, which has been called by PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan on March 6 and 7 in Lahore.

Miandad said that during his tenure as director cricket in the PCB, he had given a comprehensive plan to the board on how to restructure Pakistan cricket but no one wanted to implement the suggestions.

He stated, “There is too much of internal politics and nepotism in the board and that is why we don’t see proper plans being executed for betterment of Pakistan cricket.”

The Legendary cricketer clearly stated that if the Pakistan Cricket Board has not taken any instant decision for improving the structure of Pakistan cricket then “We will see more bad performances.”