The TV series Naamkarann last night episode started with Avni get arrested! The police arrest Avni when Ashish takes Aman away from her. Meanwhile, Neela requests Ashish to sign the divorce papers. Will Ashish consider her request!

Naamkarann further showcased that Avni is with her brother and she thinks to raise her brother with her own effort. But Dayaben decided to snatch Avni’s brother from Avni and when Avni was in her Anath Ashram, Dayaben went there with Ketan’s wife.

She snatches Avni’s brother from Avni and asked to her that she can do anything but she will not give this child to Avni as now her Dadi Dayaben is having the custody of this child. Dayaben also asked Avni that today in her house there will be a Puja and Havan and on this auspicious day she get back her grandson.

Avni compels to give her brother to Dayaben but she also challenged to Dayaben that anyhow she is going to have her brother back as she is the legal owner of her brother. Dayaben is irked to know so and she filed a complaint against Avni for which Avni get arrested.

So Avni goes to the juvenile cell with her teary eyes where she panicked to see that all kids are busy staying in jail and doing prayer. The police inspector of that jail shocked to see that such a small girl doesn’t trust in god. Avni stays mute there at the jail and did now reply whether she believes god or not.

Neela asked Ashish to sign some documents at the day of Puja about which Dayaben refused. She said that it is the day of Puja and Havan where Ashish will not do anything. Neela ignores her in that time Dayaben asked to her that Dayaben loves her but Neela doesn’t care that.

Neela also asked to Dayaben that she doesn’t care about anyone and also Neela asked to her that Dayaben is always after her own happiness also insults her which irked Dayaben and she thinks to teach a lesson to Avni as whatever is happening now all because of Avni.