The Episode begins with Ali and Avni holding up. Ali says Akash would play around with Riya. Cleaning specialist takes nourishment for Dayaben. Avni and Ali grin and hold up. Ali says I m beyond any doubt Dayaben would have eaten it, its yummy khichdi, will Dayaben or mumble in dread. Avni says I m likewise here, I m simply supplicating that Dayaben does not have any symptom. Cleaning specialist gets sustenance plate back. Avni says she got khichdi back. Dayaben says I will eat with kids. She comes ground floor.

She converses with Akash and Riya and sits to have sustenance. Akash says I will be with Riya. Dayaben requests Akash to have khichdi. Akash expresses profound gratitude, I ate at home, I don’t care for it. She requests that he have it and see. Akash, Avni and Ali stress. Dayaben eats the khichdi. Ali and Avni grin. Dayaben spits the khichdi and calls the servant.

Avni asks God to help, I didn’t get some information about prescription taste, is it severe, possibly Dayaben became more acquainted with something is blended in khichdi. Ali says yes, she is wilderness lady.


Dayaben asks housekeeper is she exhausting that she got such frosty sustenance, don’t you have sufficient energy to warmth breakfast, go and warm this nourishment. Ketan comes and says court see came. Dayaben requests that Riya demonstrates her space to Akash. Riya and Akash go. Dayaben says this case ought to begin and end soon, with the goal that we dispose of Neela. Cleaning specialist asks might I warm the khichdi. Dayaben says no, I will have it. She eats khichdi. Ali says Avni, she has eaten khichdi. Avni says yes, pharmaceutical ought to show impact, we need to make her acknowledge wrongdoing under the steady gaze of court date, else Neela will be caught.

Legal advisor gives Hemant’s will and says Hemant made you proprietor of every one of his properties. Neela expresses profound gratitude, this is deficient without Hemant. He says he was sensible and made will on your name, so that its in right hands, should I put Ashish’s name in this. Dayaben comes and welcomes legal advisor. She says Hemant gave Neela in a major family, we are with her, in the event that anything happens to her, we will oversee everything. He requests that Neela think, chosen one is distinctive. He goes. Neela says I didn’t affront you as you are my mum in law, court choice did not come, its better you don’t call me killer. Dayaben requests that her tally down, I won’t let you win with Avni. I will dependably administer here, I know to squash the rivals. Diksha sits to have parathas. Cleaning specialist comes there. Diksha requests that her to go. Housekeeper says I implore you, you don’t eat sustenance, I will lose work. Diksha says you likewise have paratha. Servant says I will call Dayaben. Diksha says fine, call her. Housekeeper flees with nourishment. Diksha gets irate.

She searches for some other nourishment. She gets the khichdi and eats. Avni sees Diksha and says Ali, we need to stop her, she is eating prescription khichdi. Ali says let her eat, she needs this medication more, she will sit calm for quite a while. Diksha likes khichdi. Avni says she completed khichdi. Ali says its great, we can get verification moreover. Avni says Akash, Diksha and Dayaben ate khichdi. He says it will rely on upon their body weight, amount of sustenance, resistance… Ali says Diksha had it more. He says then it will influence her more.

Neela comes there. Avni asks what happened. Neela says I need to talk something demon, come. Ani asks what’s chosen one. Neela makes her sit in lap and says one you cherish and believe the most, father and I were glad in our little world, then Ashish came and I felt our family got greater, then you recognize what happened, Hemant has offered everything to me, whatever he earned with hard work, whatever has his name connected, I don’t need that to go in wrong hands, I simply have you, I need you to wind up candidate, in the event that anything transpires. Avni says don’t state this. She embraces Neela and says we lost much, Lord gave me second mumma and I won’t lose you. Neela gets happy and says you gave me much joy, now I m not terrified of anything. Avni says don’t stress, I have an awesome arrangement. Neela asks what arrange. Diksha yells. Avni says this arrangement, pharmaceutical began working, this time we will make Dayaben lose by her apprehensions. Neela asks what. Avni takes her.

Diksha sees felines and shouts. Avni, Akash, Neela and Ali come there. Avni says what is Diksha seeing. Akash says she is seeing her feelings of trepidation, don’t recognize what. Diksha requests that the feline abandon her, I will never do this. Dayaben comes there. Avni, Neela, Ali and Akash cover up. Dayaben asks what happened, there is nothing. Diksha says move back, see this. Dayaben says there is nobody, it’s Riya and Ketan. Diksha gets frightened seeing feline hopping on her and shouts. Dayaben requests that Ketan takes Riya. Dayaben quiets down Diksha and says that is the reason I instructed you to keep quick, once in a while internal sin turns out by dread. Avni says who did Diksha slaughter. Diksha says move this, I will give gold feline in the sanctuary, please move this away. Avni says gold feline?