In the first scene, Mansi drags Rocky to divert him as Nidhi recalls what Yamini said to Uttara. She sees Uttara and asks if she believes in Ichchadari Naags. Rocky also joins as Uttara tells them that they can change forms whenever they want to. Rocky keeps looking for Shivangi. Rocky’s brother is drinking and spikes Gautami’s drink. Rocky sees Shivangi in a black sari and is disappointed. Shivangi tells him that she made changes to the dress but he taunts her and leaves. Rocky is shocked to see Sesha wear the dress as she congratulates him. She tells him that she found the dress strewn about in the store room.

Sesha informs Rudra that she has played her part and he has to blow it out of proportion now. Rudra sees Shivangi passing by and changes form immediately. He changes his form again and tells Sesha that he will put Shivangi to sleep and take her away from Rocky. Meanwhile, Rocky keeps ignoring Shivangi. People start dancing and Shivangi asks Rocky if they can dance. He avoids her again as Rudra (in the bartender’s form) mixes poison in Shivangi’s drink. Uttara sees Rocky and Shivangi romance and wonders why Yamini doesn’t believe that Shivangi is a Naagin. She decides to prove it. Rocky then tells her that Ruchika wore the dress that she threw in the store room. Shivangi figures out that Sesha had planned this entire thing. Shivangi tells Rocky that maybe the parcel got exchanged but he refuses to believe her. She tells him that she just wants to dance with him now and drags him to the dance floor. Sesha and Rocky talk to each other about their next move through telepathy. Gautami falls as Rocky’s brother tries to help her. He takes her to a room for resting and helps her lie on the bed.

Nidhi also tries to calm her down but she starts dancing anyway. Uttara tries to convince Yamini that Shivangi is a Naagin as Yamini tells her that it’s Sesha and not Shivangi. Sesha then starts dancing with strange men and women so that Rocky loses respect for her. Rocky stops the music and asks everyone to go home. Meanwhile, Rudra gives Shivangi some ‘vishmaarak’ medicine so that she regains consciousness. Rudra apologises to her while she is asleep. Rudra then leaves the room.

Rocky fumes and walks towards his room wondering what got into Shivangi. Just then, he sees Rudra come out of his room and gets shocked when he sees Rudra turn into a snake. He rushes to his room and finds Shivangi sleeping. Rocky wonders why Shivangi is friends with an Ichchadari Naag and starts going through her side of the wardrobe to find something. He finds a Naag Lok book in her suitcase and is very confused about it but decides to find out. Uttara does some puja to find out if Shivangi is a Naagin. Rocky reads the Naag Lok on the terrace and finds reference to his Panchner Haveli in it.

Meanwhile, Uttara burns Shivangi’s snakeskin and Shivangi is pulled towards her. She bumps into walls in an attempt to stop herself. She screams and Nidhi wakes up hearing it. Rocky heads to the haveli to find out more. Nidhi leaves the room to find out if Shivangi is okay. Uttara sees Shivangi and feels proud of her discovery. Shivangi accepts that she is Shivanya’s daughter and takes her semi-snake form. She ties Uttara by her tail and threatens to kill her. Just as she is about to kill her, Nidhi screams in fear.