Shahid Opens up about His Equation with Kangana; Talks about Sabotaging Wife Mira’s Career



Rumours have been doing the rounds that Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut did not get along well on the sets of Rangoon. In fact, reportedly a cold war between the two still exists as apparently Kangana believed that she was the biggest star on the sets and behaved badly. At the xXx party, Shahid was asked about his current equation with Kangana and the other being for not letting his 21 year old wife Mira exploring her career.

Shahid has been quoted by a publication saying, “I had no issues working with anybody. I thought people would believe that there were problems between me and Saif (Ali Khan, co-star, and husband of his ex-girlfriend Kareena Kapoor Khan), for obvious reasons, but it went the other way around. Kangana is one of the best actors we have.”

On the other issue related to his wife, the actor was quizzed about people claiming that he hadn’t given a 21-year-old girl (Mira) the chance to explore her career. On the same, Shahid told the publication, “Just because she [Mira] got married early, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an identity. Today, women do what they feel like doing. And, as men, we should respect that. Whether you are a working woman, housewife, young mother or a woman who chooses to have a child at a later stage in life, it’s your decision. Mira and I are really happy. I wish people could be happy for those who are.”