Harman is angry with Surbhi and shouts at her for trying to fool him and make honeymoon plans. He accuses her of sending Soumya to her house and asks her to leave. Surbhi tells him that she cannot even imagine taking Soumya’s position and asks him to keep faith in her. Harman feels bad and tells her he got influenced by Shanno. Chintu calls Soumya and tells her that he misses her. Soumya convinces him to drink milk and sings lullaby for him on the phone. Nani sees this. Soumya tells her that she wants to give the same amount of love to Surbhi and Harman’s child. She tells her that she will make their child call her ‘Maa’.

Rani and Raveena see police officers guarding Maninder’s house and decide to return. Saya comes there and slaps Raveena. She warns them to leave Soumya and not trouble her. Soumya recalls all the happy moments shared with Harman and misses him. Harman calls her and tells her that he is missing her terribly. She cuts the call. Harman says he knows that she is also missing him. Surbhi’s friends come and ask Soumya to apply mehendi on their hands. Soumya hesitates thinking about her identity. Nani asks her to put it.

Friends get happy, bless her and leave. Beeji taunts her and says that the girls will never be able to lead a happy married life. Soumya gets disheartened and starts crying. Nani gets angry and says she will leave the house with Soumya as they don’t deserve her love.

Maninder and Beeji praise her decision. Surbhi decides to fool Preeto and take Soumya along with them on her honeymoon. Harman gets shocked to see Soumya on the way.