Top 12 Sexiest Female Celebrities of 2016


This year, we had some newcomers and some of our ol’ Hollywood favorites making an amazing comeback. Whether these stars are making a breakthrough or a comeback, they looked absolute-ly smoldering in 2016, and thought we would give their incomparable beauty and talent a shout-out. Here’s to the next great year, ladies.

1. Alicia Vikander
This Swedish beauty starred in Ex Machina and garnered a Golden Globe win for Supporting Actress with Eddie Redmaybe in “The Danish Girl”. This gorgeous newcomer is one to look out for!

2. Priyanka Chopra
This Indian stunner has been on the map for a while, but this year she really took her stardom to new levels. Recently she got dubbed the first Indian to globally represent the brand Pantene, and also voiced Ms. Marvel in the “Avengers” video game. You can look out for her in Baywatch next year.


3. Margot Robbie
Young Margot made a splash in Tarzan this year, and she didn’t even have to show skin to look absolutely breathtaking. The sexy Australian was also in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and you can’t forget her iconic take on Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. We’re sure there’s much more to see of her next year.

4. Brie Larson
Brie is an all American babe who we first saw in flicks like “21 Jump Street”, and later on, “Train-wreck”. She won at the Golden Globes for her acting in the harrowing escape movie “The Room”, and it was well deserved.

5. Emilia Clarke
This “Game of Thrones” actress is everyone’s fantasy – the unusual looking beauty gave a stellar performance in “Me Before You”, and can be seen in the upcoming “Voice From The Stone”. She shows that she’s versatile as both a TV and movie actress. You go, girl!

6. Daisy Ridley
Daisy Ridley awoke crushes in nerds all over the world when she premiered as Rey in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. With her striking looks and acting skills, we can see why.

7. Ashley Graham
This plus-size cutie has been a force to be reckoned with for a while, but she went from Sports Illustrated model to actually supermodel with her own awesome designer line. She’s now an icon in the world of plus size models, and a sexy baddie of 2016.

8. Kylie Bunbury
The actress might not have a job as intense as the actual athlete she’s portraying, but she’s just as talented in a different way and just as startlingly beautiful. Make sure to watch her portray the first female pitcher in the Major League, Ginny Baker. She grew up around sports and trained hard and precisely for this role – what a pro!

9. Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld has been a pretty starlet in Hollywood for a while, but now that she’s all grown up she’s simply smoldering (especially at the AMAs!). She rocked it in this year’s coming-of-age movie “The Edge Of Seventeen” after breaking out in “Pitch Perfect” and its sequel.. She had a big year, and has truly blossomed into a lovely young woman.

10. Evan Rachel Wood
This babe has come a long way since playing a rebellious teen in ‘Thirteen”. She’s made a comeback in “West World” and is already a fan favorite in the show. In an interview, she said that show also helped her work past some personal traumas and demons. Looks like 2016 is the year for Evan Rachel – here’s to forgetting about Marylin Manson!
11. Hilary Duff
You might be like, how is this a breakout star of 2016? I’ve been watching Hil since Lizzy Mac-Guire. But you have to say, she really redeemed herself as “more than just as Disney actress in her complex new show “Younger”, where she plays a total hottie in the publishing industry.

12. Issa Rae 
The off-beat HBO star rocks short hair better than anyone we know, and we’re jealous of her awkward but charming swag. She went from Youtuber to HBO this year, discussing similar themes as she did in her web show. Also, she ain’t just a stone-cold fox – she’s a co-creator of the show and executive produces too…#wholepackage.