Virat Kohli is a fierce competitor: Steve Waugh


Former Australian Test captain Steve Waugh has suggested that his side might need to think to provoke Indian skipper Virat Kohli as he is a key to India’s chances in the series and that they must find a way to drag him out of his “comfort zone a bit” during the upcoming four-match Test series commencing from Thursday in Pune.

He claims that he has never seen a more spirited cricketer than Kohli, who has led India to  No 1 in Test matches. In a recent exclusive interview with, Waugh said, “I wouldn’t recommend firing him up to start with, maybe that’s something you keep up your sleeve if he starts to score runs. Like anyone, he’s vulnerable. He’s under pressure.”

As we all know that there are a lot of expectations on the shoulders of Virat Kohli and the fans expect him to get a hundred every time because of which Kohli scores against every team, felt Waugh.

He also suggested Steve Smith to try something different against Kohli to stop him of scoring run in the upcoming Test series. He added on this, “He’s got that massive weight of expectation on his shoulders. They (the Indian public) expect him to get a hundred every time he goes out to bat now, and he pretty much does. But there are going to be times when he has a bit of luck go against him, play a bad shot, loses concentration, maybe thinks too much about what he should be doing in the future not what he’s doing right now. I think the upside (to provoking Kohli) is probably more than the downside because he gets runs against everyone. So you’ve probably got to try something different.”  

He said that Kohli very aggressive, positive and a fierce competitor and he plays every ball as a priority, which, make him a legend of the modern cricket.

Steve said in praise of Kohli, “This is a modern-day India side. Virat Kohli is pretty much the way we play cricket – he’s very aggressive, he’s in your face, positive, backs himself, tries to keep the match moving forward. He’s a fierce competitor – I don’t think I’ve seen anyone like him. Every ball he plays as a priority like it’s the most important ball of his life – whether he’s batting, in the field or he’s captaining. He’s a tough adversary because you know you’re not going to get anything from him.”

Waugh said that currently the Indian team rising in the same vein and the same fashion just likes Kohli as he plays the game and is at the peak of his game at the moment.

The former Aussie capped off saying , “He’s just going to play it so hard. He’s great for Indian cricket and consequently, his team plays in the same vein and the same fashion – they’re in your face, they play aggressive, positive and they try to keep the game going and try and win as quick they can. It’s going to be a real challenge for Australia (on the upcoming four-Test Qantas Tour of India). They’ve got a quality batting side India , world-class spinners and they know how to win in those conditions.”