There are a lot of reasons why we, and several other millennials, love and follow Bani J. In the last 10 years (yes, it’s been that long), Bani has grown from being just another Roadies contestant to one of India’s most fabulous fitness icons. Which is why we want to personally question every blind idiot who body shamed Bani on this inspiring journey. People on the internet have time and again stooped too low and body shamed her. Calling her manly for her unique physique, Bani has never let that affect her and we love her for that.

She shared, “I decided to really work out at the age of 19 and make my body as strong as possible, (and that’s when) the mayhem began. No one, neither men, nor women, could get it. Why do you work out so much? Muscles for a woman… why? Are you really okay, or do you need help?”

Working out makes her happy and no person can take that away from Bani. She adds, “So what if I’m a woman and I have muscles? My plan was to unlock my strength — physical and mental and I am sticking to it. I love to work out. I am passionate about it. I always fight for what’s right; I don’t take anything lying down. And I wanted to be a strong person, both mentally and physically. So I didn’t let others tell me otherwise.”