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Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai actress Shilpa Shinde has filed a sexual harassment case against producer Sanjay Kohli.

Shilpa was quoted saying, “Once Sanjay ji told me that for the promotion of show, we will have to go out.and that we will have a nice time. Also, in the make-up room, he came close to me and photo lete huye and apna haath rakha mujhe…I could feel that touch was not right.”

“Often, he would he pass remarks like, I like you a lot. You are very sexy. You are very hot,” she said. “And while saying such things, he would hug me forcefully and would touch my waist and breasts. I would resist but he would brush aside the incident saying, Oh, it was a mistake. Come on yeh sab toh chalta hai.”

Shinde also said that she had mentioned about such incidents to co-actor Saumya Tandon. “I spoke to Saumya also about this, but she was like, ‘Humari industry mein koi rape nai karta Shilpa’.”

But Saumya Tandon has denied the allegation that Shinde spoke to her on the matter and she said,”I strongly stand against any kind of sexual harassment of women at work or any place. Having said that, there was absolutely no communication between Shilpa and me about this.”

Sanjay Kohli’s wife Benaifer Kohli defended her husband and claimed all accusations as false. She was quoted saying, “These are obviously false allegations. All I can say is that the matter is subjudice. I have faith in the legal system. I don’t want to give her (Shilpa) unnecessary attention.”