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The Khiladi Akshay Kumar is a fitness freak and has a set timetable for his day to day routines. He has therefore gone on to be one of the inspirational figures that youth tend to follow.

Recently during the song launch of the remixed version of his hit song ‘Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast’ for ‘Machine’, Akshay gave advice to the present generation of actors.

He said, “My advice to the gen-next stars is to be producer’s actors. It is important because if the producer is alive, then you will be alive. It is important that you come on time. You should work properly. Finish your films on time.”

He added, “I also remember a big advice by Pramod Chakravorty sir. So, at that time there were no mobile phones, we used to call from the hotel room and the bill was paid by the producer. But I still remember he told me that never let the producer pay that bill.”

He also stated, “So now I will tell the youngsters that if you drink alcohol, don’t give the bill to the producer because you are responsible for it. Only lodging and boarding is their responsibility.”