Raavan ki Ramayan getting good response


We all know about Ravana who is an antagonist in Ramayana and the person behind all evils including the kidnapping of Sita.. Ravana as a character got a new meaning in the play called Raavan ki Ramayan which was been presented by The Film and Theatre Society (Delhi) The role of  Raavan was played by Puneet Issar who is famous for his role as Duryodhana in the TV adaptation of Mahabharata..Puneet nailed the role of Raavan as he got a good reaction from the audience  in  the play.

Raavan ki Ramayan is been directed by Atul Satya and Rahul Buchar. Atul was very sure about Puneet Issar being Raavan in the play He said that Puneet is best suited for the role of Ravana. “He is a great man, a colleague, a very hard working, dedicated and sincere man. His new film starring Salman Khan is going to be in theatres soon. No one can match his energy level,” shared Murad about Issar. He is not only hopeful but sure that Puneet will emerge as a great hero in flying colours. Hath kangan ko aarsi kya aur padhe likhe ko faarsi kya,” he recited saying that the play will prove all that he has said.. Rahul Buchar called Atul the captain of the Ship. Said he, “Atul writes the best script and best poetry. Our idea is basically to do theatre, as much as we can and we really work without sweat with a dream of doing more than 100 shows a year in India and across the borders. We not only want quantity but quality too, which is most important.” Talking about the logistics he said, “Raavan was a huge challenge. We faced a lot of production difficulties like costumes and people. We have picked up contumes and people from the serial Mahabharta.