Actor Shekhar Suman tweeted about “one cocained actress” and her recent failure. The moment the tweet surfaced, people decided that he was talking about Kangana Ranaut and her box-office non-starter Rangoon.

Shekhar Suman tweeted without mentioning a name, “One cocained actress was carrying the burden of her non existent stardom.She has fallen flat on her face n how. Guess this is poetic justice.” Kangana stars in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon and the film has managed to collect Rs 18.07 crore on the domestic screens.

But the audience who feels Rangoon was a Kangana Ranaut show through and through could not take Suman’s indirect attack on their favourite star. Someone wrote, “D cocained actress walks wit head held high n is an inspiration to many.Has established herself wit her caliber n hardwork.” Another took a jibe at Shekhar Suman and his son Adhyayan, “Hi sir where do you and your super star son @AdhyayanSsuman keep your National awards??”

Adhyayan replied to the comment saying, “beta national award se films nahin chalte (films don’t work on national awards).” After that, the argument went out of control as Adhyayan replied to every mean tweet. Shekhar also went on to post a series of tweets, clarifying his earlier statement. He wrote, “Im horrified at the paid lackeys and sycophants who have jumped in defence of a lumpen so- called star.shame on you,you paid twitteratis.” He further wrote, “I meant smone totally different but i guess guilty minds are forever conscious.plz don’t jump to conclusions.i never named no one. No one is mocking no one.just chill.”