Image result for bomanActor Boman Irani is more than just excited for the forthcoming ‘Munnabhai’ movie. “I am looking forward to it too. Circuit and Munna would be the automatic choice for the film, not me. The third character is always the floating, fresh character. There should be a character available for me but I would terrorise Rajkumar Hirani if there isn’t a character for me,” Boman said.

“Right now he (Hirani) is busy with the Dutt biopic so once that finishes we go into Munnabhai space,” he adds.

Boman says it was the idea of portraying Gandhi’s life in a Broadway musical format which appealed to him. “The format is more of a Broadway musical, which is unique. We are looking at his life from South Africa till the day he was assassinated.  The story is told through many different styles of music and drama.”