Even Emilia Clarke has no clue what is coming in Game Of Thrones


Emilia Clarke who plays Mother Of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen in the popular American television series, Game Of Thrones says even she doesn’t know what will happen in the final season of the show.

“No one knows anything. No one is told anything. It’s all crazy,” dailynews.com quoted Emilia Clarke as saying.

She added, “It’s a secret from the cast. We generally can’t be trusted. They pretty much have told us so.” Case in point, Kit Harrington. In 2015, when Jon Snow was killed in the show, actor Kit Harrington had kept lying to everyone about the fate of his character. He had later issued an apology to his fans. However, he did reveal the fate of Jon Snow to a police officer to escape a ticket from him.

Emilia Clarke is also filming for Untitled Han Solo Project in London. When the film is completed, the 30-year-old actor will return to filming Game of Thrones. “I actually need a holiday,” she said.

Emilia Clarke’s character is one of the most crucial and popular characters of the series. In the last season, she was ready with her team of supporters to conquer the Iron Throne that she believes rightfully belongs to her. Having Tyrion Lannister by her side does seem like an obvious advantage for Dany.