Baahubali cast looks way hotter and stylish in real life, see pics



Bahubali has been on the news for a long time now. Be it the trailer that had a huge number of views within 24 hours or the record breaking collections at the box office, According to trade analyst Ramesh Bala, the film made Rs 800 crore in India and Rs 200 crore overseas. it has set a new standard to movies as such. But in the whole process, the cast went through a lot of changes especially the Prabhas and Rana who went through a rigorous routine for that perfect look.

Here’s a look at the cast of Bahubali in and outside the world of Mahismati-



One of the most sought after actress for a strong female character role in Tollywood is Anushka. She is already been in Rajamouli’s movie and her transformation may not that be surprising, but the role of a prisoner who lives in box sized cage is completely different.



Already known to have a slightly built body, the antagonist of movies Rana was no less when it came to training for looking like Hulk. His slight stint in the movie Baby gave away his hulk look, but we fondly remember him as loveable Leader.



The lead actor who has known as more of serious actor with a slightly chocolate boy attitude in most of his movies. He is known for his action and rage filled roles, but this movie has by far taken him to a gigantic hero.


Known to be always the romantic fling in most of her movies, she has a taken a different look in the movie. Even though she looks like a fairy in the poster or in the dream sequence she actually dons a Pocahontas kind of a look, which can be seen only in the movie.


Ramya Krishna

Known majorily for portraying very stubborn and adamant female character in all her movies,, especially in Padayappa, she is the only person who hasn’t changed much in appearance. She carries the aura of a strong headed queen who has mastered the art of warfare and welfare.