Inspired by Irrfan Khan, fans go on a meme spree and take over the internet


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Comedy group AIB made a video with actor Irrfan Khan recently, where the actor was ‘memefied’. The video posed a simple question: Can Irrfan really do anything? In simple terms, Irrfan agreed to enact popular meme formats prevalent on the internet. From the famous “Aao kabhi haveli pe” to the popular Willy Wonka meme — Irrfan pulled these off with ease, becoming, what millennials call, an internet legend.

Here is the full video, with behind the scenes footage and the making of the Dank Irrfan memes. In the video, the AIB guys urged fans to take screenshots of the memes and create something of their own. The public, not to leave anything to the imagination, jumped on the meme train to memefy the Dank Irrfan memes. It’s a meme within a meme that we lost count of the meme. *Such memes, much wow*.