Pakeezah actor Geeta abandoned:Filmmakers Ashoke Pandit and Ramesh Taurani pay medical bill of actress Geeta abandoned by son…


Veteran actress Geeta Kapoor, who has worked in movies like Pakeezah and Razia Sultan, has been abandoned by her children. Her son, Raja Kapoor, who got her admitted in a Mumbai hospital one month back, has not come back once to know about her! He does not even attend her calls, and has even blocked the doctor’s number. The doctors in the hospital decided to treat Geeta, as her condition was critical. The hospital authority tried to get through Raja and Geeta’s daughter Pooja but all the attempts were in vain. Since then the actress had been staying at the hospital due to which the bill reached an amount of Rs 1.5 lakhs for her treatment.

Veteran Actress From 'Pakeezah' Abandoned By Son At A Mumbai Hospital, Bollywood Comes Forward To Help

Filmmakers Ashoke Pandit and Ramesh Taurani paid the hospital bill of Pakeezah actress Geeta Kapoor amounting to ₹1.5 lakh, who claims to have been abandoned by her son. Pandit is seeking a no-objection certificate from Geeta’s children to shift her to an old-age home.

Ashok also revealed why he was searching for Geeta’s son so desperately. “Now the problem is, I want to shift Geetaji to an old age home so she is taken care of, but I cannot do so until I get an No Objection Certificate (NOC) from her children. I don’t know why the police is taking so long to trace Geetaji’s son. I want the police to find him, and do whatever they want to do with him, but get me an NOC so we can make sure she is safe and sound in an old-age home. We have so many friends in the industry who have started good old-age homes. Aruna Iraniji has one, and it would be great if we can get Geetaji there,” adds the CBFC member.

He also expressed concern over Geeta Kapoor’s mental and physical health. Ashok adds, “Geetaji is getting better but she continuously keeps crying and folds her hands when she sees people visiting her, as if she is telling them not to beat her up. Every time I see her like this I wonder if she was being tortured at home. I am just hoping that we get the NOC, so we can send her to a better place where she can live with dignity.”