Sachin Tendulkar Clears The Air Regarding charging a whopping sum for his movie!


The movie based on the iconic cricketer isn’t a feature film but a documentary drama and will once again give us chance to ‘Sachin Sachin’ almost everywhere. The movie Sachin: A Billion Dreams released last Friday and everyone will once again get a chance to chant ‘Sachin Sachin’ almost everywhere.

Sachin Tendulkar seems that breaking records is nothing new and this is on a different field. Master Blaster will become the first Indian to have a biographical drama on his life journey where he will be portraying his own role. Iconic batsman joined the league of Mohammad Ali, Ayrton Senna, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jordan, who have had such biographical drama’s based on them. The movie over the weekend has broken a record by earning Rs 32.25 crore till yesterday which is a record in itself.

Many people aren’t aware that Master Blaster has asked a whopping fee to share his life’s episodes and events with the makers. Also for the first time, Sachin Tendulkar was seen promoting the movie extensively by doing interviews and also going on the shows. The real reason behind this strategy is that he is playing himself and there’s no other actor essaying him on the big screen. But one question which is on mind fo the people I how much money has master blaster charged for the master blaster. As per sources, “It’s somewhere close to Rs 40 crore. Maybe, not exactly 40 but he’s definitely got 35-38 crore for the film.”

Sachin retorted the claim that he has been given such exorbitant amount by the producers and was quoted saying that, “The suggestion on Sachin Tendulkar’s fee for ‘Sachin A Billion Dreams’ is incorrect and grossly overstated. Sachin has completely backed this project which has resulted in the creation of a commercially viable genre of docu-drama for the Indian film industry.”

Sachin: A Billion Dreams has been written and directed by James Erskine. The film incorporates the personal insights on Sachin Tendulkar’s life from his family. For the first time, his family, his mother, brother, wife, will be seen talking about the living legend.