Sharmila Tagore : I wasn’t there so much for Saif Because Of My Film Career in his Childhoood..


Sharmila Tagore is candid and forthright while expressing her thoughts. Sharmila Tagore has said that she wasn’t around when her son and actor Saif Ali Khan was growing up, as she was busy with her film career.

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“I wasn’t there as much for Saif as I was for Soha and Saba as I wasn’t working so much then. I was very busy during Saif’s time and when he was growing up. I was doing double shifts, but I did have the support of my husband and also my neighbour Sunita Goswami, who also happened to be teaching at Saif’s Bohri-run school Saifee Mahal, which was a wonderful school run by Mrs Noorani. She was Saif’s second mother and she and her husband Jatin looked after him a lot. I was there for all his milestones, but I really wasn’t there for his day-to-day work.”