Sussanne Khan tells us how their kids adopted style from her and Hrithik!


Recently, Beautiful Sussanne talks about the association, her personal styling, the places she usually shops at. In conversation she also opens up about her sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan’s styling and the flea markets she loves to shop at. Read On…

Q Tell us about your love for fashion. When and how did you get inclined towards dressing up well. Who was your inspiration?
I grew up exposed to different cultures globally. My parents are the perfect blend between the values of the east and the freedom of expression from the west. So inherently I was always a forward thinking Mumbai girl, who loved the ocean, the flora and fauna of the coastal life mixed in with the raw city appeal. And when I moved to southern California to study, I was naturally drawn to the relaxed style quotient, yet very influenced by the edgy LA style. That is when my interest in fashion peaked. So I think my clothes, shoes and overall fashion vibe are an extension of my happiest spirit – which I bring into as Style Editor.
“Hridhaan and Hrehaan Have Relaxed Style of Fashion That They Adopted from Me and Hrithik,” Says Sussanne Khan
Q Tell us about the clothes that you will be curating for this project. What will be your taste and choices like for picking up the outfits?
Animal prints have always been close to my heart too – so styling for the MagnumXTheLabelLife collection came very naturally to me. I personally prefer dark, indulgent colours, earth tones like burnt sienna, deep mahogany, and natural textures in classic laid back silhouettes! And the fun part about working with Malaika and Bipasha (co-curators) is that we bring our individual styles to the table to ensure a well-rounded collection. The Leopard print dress and the Metallic Obi belt are my favourite pieces from the collection – Summer Safari meets wilderness.
Q On a personal note, where do you shop your outfits from?
Isabel Marant, Miu Miu, Dolce Gabbana, Prada and Balenciaga are some of my favourite brands.“Hridhaan and Hrehaan Have Relaxed Style of Fashion That They Adopted from Me and Hrithik,” Says Sussanne Khan
Q Do you enjoy street shopping? Where in Mumbai or India did you shop at flea markets? Do you enjoy online shopping?
I enjoy strolling through new cities and beach side towns looking for the next treasure. Smaller Californian towns like Santacruz have the best flea markets! I once bought an Aztec throw from a Native American which was handmade and I still treasure it. The best part about street shopping is when the local flavour blends with the heritage of the land and translates to great design. This unique blend of style and quality inspires me to create better.
“Hridhaan and Hrehaan Have Relaxed Style of Fashion That They Adopted from Me and Hrithik,” Says Sussanne Khan
I also shop with Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla (fashion designers) a lot in India. I shop online once in a while, yes!
Q Are you particular about what Hridhaan or Hrehaan wears? Is it Hrithik or you, who’s more particular?
The kids mostly wear what they want. But when I shop for them it’s usually a mix of comfy and sporty in pure fabrics so it allows the skin to breathe. Overall they have a relaxed clothing style that they have absorbed from both of us.
Q Who in Bollywood dresses up really well?
Apart from Malaika, I also really like Katrina’s (Kaif) style.