The Big Bang Theory spin-off: CBS launches Young Sheldon, garners mixed reactions from fans


Young Sheldon, the spin-off to popular American television series, The Big Bang Theory, takes us to Sheldon Cooper’s childhood. While some fans love the teaser, others are questioning the concept on Twitter.

American television broadcast network, CBS, has released the trailer of their spin-off to The Big Bang Theory (TBBT). Titled Young Sheldon, the series takes us to the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, currently played by actor Jim Parsons. Child actor Iain Armitage will play the nine-year old Sheldon. The trailer shows his love for locomotives, his dysfunctional family and his germophobia. In the trailer, little Sheldon is shown as a brilliant student, way younger than most of the other kids in class, who joins his elder brother in high school. The show will premier right after TBBT’s fall schedule, on September 25 at 8.30 pm.

The 10th season of the series concluded on May 11, and has left audiences with a cliffhanger. It is shown that Sheldon flies to new Jersey, where Amy (his on-screen girlfriend) is offered a position as a guest researcher at Princeton. Sheldon proposes to her, asking her to marry him. The bosses at CBS hope that the show will run for 12 seasons. Meanwhile, this spin-off has garnered mixed response from the audience.

Tell us how you feel about #YoungSheldon. Till then, here’s a picture of young and adult Sheldon Cooper together: