The visual impression is the very first impression that somebody’s brain registers when they see an individual. And it is said, ‘first impression lasts long’. Now combining the two facts, we can understand the importance of good looks. And for good looks a wise men would look up to top male models.

Modelling and models are all together a different world, but some inspiration from the good-looking men will help you look and feel good. Models are not just models these days. From being fitness inspirations to style icons, they are a lot more than just models.

Now-a-days models not only have to develop their own image but also they maintain a personality that shines so well that it makes them stand out of the rest ordinary men. Well that’s what inspires people to look like them.

By good-looks we don’t mean a fair and handsome face, we mean the ability to carry oneself with confidence and a certain belief in oneself, establishing own personal look and style and a fit body. After all it’s the models unique style of their own which inspires other ordinary guys.

Here are few insights from a Male model who shares his secrets of fitness and good looks.

Danish Qayoum

The model from Jammu and Kashmir who now resides in Mumbai says, “Growing up in Jammu and Kashmir, I have always been very athletic. I loved riding my bike and going camping. Here, in Mumbai, I continue to stay active by going to the gym 4-5 times a week. I mix up my routine between boxing and lifting weights. Leading up to big events like the Van Heusen + GQ Fashion Nights, I increase my workouts to two a day, adding cardio. It is also important to drink a lot of water, especially when training. It’s your fuel. I’ve always eaten healthy, focusing on protein such as dal, kidney beans and fish. But once the event was over, I ordered a large pizza.”

Grooming Game Strong

Groom like a male model and to master it listen to Celebrity Stylist Adhuna Akhtar’s advice in the video.




What to pick from them?

Their beards, hairstyles, the way they wear their clothes in style, the way they click themselves, their diet, their workout plan etc. The best place to learn this is their social media handles.

Staying up to date is a professional need for these guys but we must take as a matter of personal style which even the models carry outside the business.

So get inspired, groom yourself and then inspire the rest. Stay fit, Stay Good-looking, Stay Happy.

Source: GQ