What Anusha Dandekar has to say about her online spat with Kishwer Merchantt


The ugly spat between VJ Anusha Dandekar and actors cum couple Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai, seems to have no stopping. The fight started off with a story posted by Kishwer on her Instagram page where a few of her friends were seen enjoying some random conversation. They are seen talking about food and one of her friends in the video is heard saying, ‘I want pancakes’.

Kishwer Merchant

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“To my loves, I guess I have stayed quiet long enough. And the undying support & love is forever appreciated from the bottom of heart. Being born in Africa, raised in the UK & mostly Australia, I have actually lived most of my life in my motherland, it’s funny anywhere I ever go or have lived, coming back here always makes me feel safest & at ease. So the fact that anyone made this about racial discrimination just because I have a different accent, isn’t that racist too? In this 10 sec video we laughed at WHAT he was saying, it was nothing to do with accents, or English. When we mimicked him, again it was about WHAT he was saying!”

Love from me… xoxo

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As soon as Kishwer and Suyash’s post went viral on social media, VJ Anusha clarified her stance on the entire incident as she replied to Suyyash’s post saying, “It was a video we found really funny, we wouldn’t make fun of anyone, it wasn’t meant to be offensive! @suyyashrai.”

But now, Anusha Dandekar has finally responded to both Kishwer and Suyyash with the new post. Also, in an interview to Bombay Times, Kishwer recently said, “That video wasn’t in good taste. They weren’t commenting on random people and their accents, it was a reaction to my insta story.”