Wonder Woman: Actor Gal Gadot brings “wonderful things” to Wonder Woman


As we kick off the summer blockbuster season, the next movie up for the superhero genre is Warner Brothers’ next entry into the DC Extended Universe: Wonder Woman.

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Two new images of the upcoming Patty Jenkins-directed flick have surfaced online, giving Wonder Woman fans a new look at Trevor, the pilot who crashes onto the shores of Themyscira, only to be rescued by Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) herself. The fresh snaps show Pine sporting a shearling-lined pilot jumpsuit with a stern look on his face. In the photo, Pine is leaning casually against a plane, looking ready for takeoff into some battle probably. The second features Pine standing outside the aircraft, resting his arm on the plane’s wing, staring off into the sunny distance. Regal shared the intro with Gadot front and center. Some fans were quite upset that Warner Bros. had seemingly gone against their word and included a male character in what was meant to be a female-only advertising campaign.

“As a mother, my character Hippolyta gives Diana (Gal Gadot) her complete, unadulterated and unconditional love. It comes out of every pore of any mother, from the moment she is pregnant. Then, as her children prepare to leave the nest, the children fight to be allowed to be themselves,” she added.

Wonder Woman will be released in India on June 2 by Warner Bros Pictures.