Aryan Khan poses with mommy Gauri Khan and internet can’t keep calm


Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri’s eldest, Aryan Khan, is one good looking dude for sure. The laid back and introvert son of SRK, who has been pursuing his studies abroad, is seen here striking a pose with his lovely mom Gauri Khan. Both the mother and the son are see sporting white tees and they are totally rocking the look, don’t you think?

We have to say Aryan has grown into a young handsome man. Dressed in a cool white tee, Aryan is exuding a tonne of charm in this picture just like his father.

Reminds us of how even Shah Rukh had once commented about Aryan being more comfortable in sharing his personal stuff with Gauri than with him. He had said, “My kids have been very friendly. The conversations I have with them, I would have with my friends, if I had any. So, we sit down and chat, we make fun, we laugh, and we even grieve together. I think parental conversations, Gauri has with them. I don’t ask them about their relationships. They talk to their mother more about stuff like this. But I never ask them. Whenever, they want to say, they say it. But their relationships are things which are completely different from the kind of films I do.”